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Headless chook? Or Head in the Sand?

The way in which we cope with lockdown uncertainty, adversity, or just the queue at the supermarket, comes down to our assessment of what’s in our control. Often at the start of a coaching session, a client is, not surprisingly, feeling stressed.  However, when my client builds awareness that they’re stressing about something which is out of their control, there is an enormous sense of relief.  A lightness.  And a sense of possibility, power and purpose – to then set ab...

October 8, 2021

Getting Yourself OUT of The Happiness Waiting Room

Ok, so I was going to try really hard not to mention our lockdown situation in this email ....  but it's so hard!  So hard on all of us, and this 'death by a thousand cuts' approach to lockdown, as days are added on here and there, is making it even harder.    This morning I spent 45 minutes on the phone with a woman who has an admin role at a hospital and without going into too much detail: my definition of 'lockdown-hardness' was swiftly put into pe...

September 3, 2021

The most overused and misunderstood word since COVID!

I was recently interviewed for a post-grad research assignment, subject – resilience – something I am equally passionate and qualified to talk about!  Specifically, how effective are workplaces in NZ at developing and implementing resilience strategies in your experience? And which strategies do you feel are the most effective? I felt really invested in this!  My views are borne from four core beliefs:  Resilience is an overused and misunderstood termResilience is about cultur...

May 7, 2021

Done it again? Knee jerk reaction instead of calm response?

Your brain is a very beautiful thing, it’s an unbelievably incredibly sophisticated computer right on top of your shoulders!   And while some aspects of it are the very thing that distinguishes us from other mammals – for example we have will-power, memory, intuition, imagination, reason, perception – there are also some parts of our brain that are really, well, so similar to that of an animal, that it can act against us in our man made environment!  Here we cover the l...

May 6, 2021

No TIME to stop what you're doing, to be BETTER at what you're doing?

No time to sharpen the saw? It makes sense if you're tired! I'll hit you between the eyes on this one: the truth is resting is NOT lazy.  Regardless of what we have been raised to believe, looking after yourself, which includes resting, is one of the very best things you can do to improve your attention, productivity and communication.  And who doesn't want to be more focused and present on what they're doing? Have better conversations with less confusion!? Or get more done in les...

March 2, 2021

What will serve you best? Finding Your Why - or Acting on Whats Important?

Feeling a little lost in this reintegration and recovery state of play? Often we get overwhelmed because we are trying to “do and be everything to everyone else”. Maybe you’re regularly triggered into a stress response, or you’re operating in default mode, on autopilot, when you know you have to shift gears?In these situations we end up living the life that others want or need us to have. This approach to life will not be serving you. It will be holding you back, perhaps even h...

June 24, 2020

What’s the most important thing you’re doing right now?

“Well I’m reading this blog, but I have a presentation due tomorrow, I’m writing a board paper at the moment and I’m thinking about what to have for dinner and I’m keeping a list going in my head of all the things I need to talk to my manager about at my performance review next week plus I’m keeping an eye on Jackie’s whereabouts because I need to speak with her before she leaves at 4pm….” Does this sort of answer sound familiar? It’s just the way our mind works, process...

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