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What will serve you best? Finding Your Why - or Acting on Whats Important?

Feeling a little lost in this reintegration and recovery state of play? Often we get overwhelmed because we are trying to “do and be everything to everyone else”. Maybe you’re regularly triggered into a stress response, or you’re operating in default mode, on autopilot, when you know you have to shift gears?In these situations we end up living the life that others want or need us to have. This approach to life will not be serving you. It will be holding you back, perhaps even h...

June 24, 2020

What’s the most important thing you’re doing right now?

“Well I’m reading this blog, but I have a presentation due tomorrow, I’m writing a board paper at the moment and I’m thinking about what to have for dinner and I’m keeping a list going in my head of all the things I need to talk to my manager about at my performance review next week plus I’m keeping an eye on Jackie’s whereabouts because I need to speak with her before she leaves at 4pm….” Does this sort of answer sound familiar? It’s just the way our mind works, process...

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