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mindfulness | resilience | self leadership

 workshops & coaching

I help you learn to lead yourself for a better human experience

(in other words I help you work through 'stuff' and 'get happy' with life!)

Life is bumpy, messy and full of uncertainty, because none of us is immune from the rough stuff.  The responsibility to look after ourselves, as well as others, in a world of uncertainty and complexity can become overwhelming. 

Often people want things to be different, but they don't know how or what to change.  So they resort to retail therapy, giving up, laying blame, or a 10am martini.  But shoving it down, sideways or to someone else doesn’t help!  (I know from experience!)

Here's the thing: we can't change what's going on around us, but often we overlook the fact we CAN change how we view and therefore experience life's bumps and messes.

Whether you're a business leader or owner wanting to help your staff 'be and feel better', wanting to start a new chapter (volume?) of your life, or wanting to partner with someone as you navigate your work, relationships and curve balls ... I can support you. 

I help you learn how to check yourself before you wreck yourself!

No BS and no One Size Fits All.

The Weight of Responsibility you feel for the mental health of your staff causes you to lose your own mind. Staff are breaking or broken, heading for burnout or the door! And you don't know what to do next? 

Are you filling that Big Pot Hole In Your Life with unhealthy habits and behaviours. Retail therapy? An extra bottle of wine? Unhealthy eating? In the long term they're all as helpful as a cup of decaf!?

Have you had that Rock Bottom Moment – been on the receiving end of an ultimatum from your partner, child or boss – maybe even the doctor? 

"Something's got to change... or else..."

Are you the Worst Version of You inside your most important relationships - snappy at your dog, yelling at the kids, snippy at work. 

Then beating yourself up for it? 

Have you had that Regrettable Moment – you’ve overreacted, apologised profusely, hoping you’ll keep your job, your marriage, the place in the queue or a place at the Christmas table?

Are you in The Depths of Despair – letting yourself down because you’re not living the life, or being the person, you want to be. Questioning your very purpose! "My life was supposed to be better than this!"

I’m not going to mince words: feeling ANY of that sucks, and it's time to do something DIFFERENT!


You're not alone in your struggles

Things can be different

This is why I do what I do!

"I'm able to control only that of which I'm aware, and that of which I’m unaware controls me"

The Our Minds Matter Self Leadership & Resilience Frameworks aim for transformation - healthy change for the long term.

Transformation means shifting you from where you are to where you want to be, in a way in which you get to keep your hair, your job, your marriage and your sanity.  With awareness, clarity and tools that will last for much longer than the coaching! 

That's because you'll learn how to lead yourself from the inside out, so when (not if) the rough stuff arrives, you can navigate that part of your human experience with ease and calm - and even thrive because of it!!  

At the core of transformation is a very simple human truth:

Your View + Your Attitude = Your Experience.

In other words, what you pay attention to and the stories you tell yourself about what you find, determines the quality of your life.  And THIS is why I focus on Mindfulness and Self Leadership to build your resilience muscles and create the human experience you deserve.


  • I offer workshops, group coaching and one on one coaching.
  • I use the science and research backed tools of mindfulness and brain science. Specifically Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and Positive Psychology.
  • I hear you, I see you and I care about finding out what really matters for you. I get to the 'real stuff', whatever that is for YOU and/or your team.


  • Yes it's going to get messy, takes commitment and it won't happen overnight.  But it's worth it!
  • Yes there are many ways to do/feel/be different. But the best start is partnering with someone.
  • Yes there are 'quick fixes'. But the most transformational change happens when you get real awareness of what's going on beneath the surface : how can you be/do/feel different if you're not aware?

What if... you made a commitment to learn, grow and change? What difference would this make in your life at home, work and with yourself?

Imagine yourself remaining calm, confident and clear headed in the midst of navigating work and life’s greatest challenges. Having a sense of ease and energy in your day.

What becomes possible for you, in terms of performance, relationships and your overall human experience? What areas of your life would benefit? What would your 'life's work' be?

When you make a commitment to change – rather than just keep wishing things would be different – you can programme yourself to have a more balanced perspective of the world (and the people in it!), set yourself up more effectively for success, and create fresh, resourceful habits of behaviour. 

Really, just imagine a better human experience, wouldn't the commitment be worth it?

  • Better relationships (because you’re present in them!)
  • More open minded, creative and resourceful
  • A more positive outlook. Even happy.
  • The ability to solve problems, make decisions, give and receive feedback
  • Higher performance and productivity, more engagement at work
  • Reduced stress and anxiety levels and conflict
  • Values and strengths aligned behaviour
  • Healthy responses to challenging people and situations
  • Resilience and ease around the inevitable struggle, failure and confusion that a human experience guarantees. 

Life is a practice not a perfect, and I've been 'there' too.

Once upon a time, I was struggling to get out of the shower, dreading my day ahead and the shit I would be dealing with, with people I didn’t really like that much. I had lost my spark and enthusiasm for eveeeerything. Even the stuff I used to love!  And while I was super fit, I was also super unhealthy.  I was numbing my suffering with retail therapy, 'busyness', risky behaviour and comparison. 

Underneath I had a growing fear of damaging my girls ‘forever’, losing my job, or worse, my mind.  I was on a treadmill and was eventually diagnosed with 'high functioning depression' and burnout.  

My transformation was longer and more expensive than it needed to be, because I was determined I could do it 'by-self'. Which of course, I couldn't.  Partnering with a coach, finding my purpose and self leadership were the game changers.  

Yet I take great comfort in knowing that absolutely everything I’ve been through hasn't been wasted. There is value in all the good, the bad and the ugly paths and people in my journey. 

Now I wake up and have both the energy and enthusiasm to do what I choose to do, with the people I choose to be with. My relationships, health, outlook and temperament  - they've ALL improved.  My human experience is one of my own making. It's not perfect - but 'better than before' is just PERFECT for me! ability to bring insight to the conversation, highlighting connections and possibilities that had passed me by, really opened doors for me

...I'm more resilient and more adaptable to a changing work environment. I'm less stressed, more productive, and feel like I'm making a positive impact in the workplace

... (I can) navigate complex and sometimes uncomfortable conversations

... Rhonda challenges me, and this encourages me to alter my mindset and to approach situations from a deeper place

...I left every session with a game plan and an idea of how I want to be with what was ahead of me

...professional and innate skills to help people correct the difficulties we all share in understanding ourselves, trusting others, communicating successfully, honouring our potential and feeling authentic and confident.

...I leave feeling armed and confident to deal with the issue that we had been discussing during our time together.

...acute listening skills to really hear what is going on for someone, and an intelligent yet down-to-earth summation

...Rhonda is a great listener, and when you are with her, her number one priority is you!  

... (I have) grown as an individual, can manage difficult situations and focus on the bigger picture.

"... be alive to your present and re-energised for your future"

"A lot of what is inside us can seem bonkers to share aloud. Sometimes we need another to help us make sense of ourselves - at times of change, loss, fear and uncertainty for example. Rhonda Parry is that person. 

She has both the professional and innate skills to help people correct the difficulties we all share in understanding ourselves, trusting others, communicating successfully, honouring our potential and feeling authentic and confident.

Knowing Rhonda for the better part of a decade, I continue to admire the commitment she has made to helping people understand their "emotional operating system". Her warmth and energy, her thoughtful reflection, her generous listening with a gentle enquiry that helps us explore our 'de-railers' - however elusive.

Rhonda's skills help you to be alive to your present and re-energised for your future." - Siobhan, executive, Auckland

Self Leadership, Mindfulness and Resilience are skills we can all learn, with practice. Just like building our biceps, we can with practice, tools and support, improve our mental fitness. We all learn and practice differently. Here are three ways you can start your transformation with Our Minds Matter.

WORKSHOPS for teams

Mindful Productivity

Mindful Leadership

Rebuilding & Reconnecting your team

Advancing in Adversity

Values in Action/Alignment

COACHING for indivdiuals

Leadership & Self Leadership

FREE 'discovery call'

Available in 4 session and 8 session blocks

Also available as a 12 month transformational coaching package


Self Leadership | Buffering Burnout | Mindfulness

Up to 8 pax

Min 8 sessions

Zoom or face to face


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