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We're all in this together

Choosing for things to be different

LIFE IS BUMPY, messy and full of uncertainty. Volatility, hyper connectivity... and more recently Mother Nature's wrath.  The responsibility to look after ourselves, as well as others can become overwhelming. 

Add to this our own personal blocks, beliefs, biases and bruises - and we have a cocktail for stress, sabotage and suffering!  Sigh.

Often we want things to be different, we want to be leaning into living, loving and leading more authentically and fully.  But we don't know how or what to change.  Which means when ‘life happens’ we might resort to retail therapy, giving up, or a 10am martini. But shoving it down, sideways or to someone else doesn’t help!

We can't change what's going on around us. But we CAN become masters of ourselves, and learn to lead from the inside out.

the way we
lead, learn +

Inside-out leadership changes lives

"TRUE LEADERSHIP begins from within. By first cultivating our own character, emotional operating system, values, and purpose we’re able to lead from the depths of our own authenticity, empathy, and self-awareness. This creates a ripple effect that transforms the way we learn, lead and love but also the world around us."

What I do in less than 2 minutes... (and 3 slides)

What does learning to lead yourself from the inside out mean?

I help you work though 'stuff'+ get better at life in general

Our self awareness, our authentic leadership, our level of emotional intelligence + our capacity to cope (resilience) when life 'throws up on us' are absolutely positively crucial for personal effectiveness, leadership and team effectiveness. 

  • Whether you're a business leader or owner wanting to help your staff 'be and feel better''...

  • Or you're wanting to lead and role model more authentically...

  • Or if you're wanting to start a new chapter (volume?) of your life...

  • Or wanting to partner with someone as you navigate your work, relationships and curve balls

  • Or you quite simply want to get out of your own way and get some 'sh*t done...

I can support you. 

And I'll LOVE doing it too!

No BS and no One Size Fits All.

Does any of this sound familiar?

The Weight of Responsibility you feel for the mental health of your staff causes you to lose your own mind. Staff are breaking or broken, heading for burnout or the door! And you don't know what to do next? 

Less productivity,  slumping morale and increasing tension and turnover?  Are you wondering what you can do to turn this around and grow an effective team???  "Will the business even survive?"   

Have you had that Rock Bottom Moment – been on the receiving end of an ultimatum from your partner, child or boss – maybe even the doctor? 

"Something's got to change... or else..."

Are you the Worst Version of You inside your most important relationships - snappy at your dog, yelling at the kids, snippy at work. 

Then beating yourself up for it? 

Have you had that Regrettable Moment – you’ve overreacted, apologised profusely, hoping you’ll keep your job, your marriage, the place in the queue or a place at the Christmas table?

Are you filling that Big Pot Hole In Your Life with unhealthy habits and behaviours. Retail therapy? An extra bottle of wine? Unhealthy eating? In the long term they're all as helpful as a cup of decaf!?

Ready for some good news right about now?

You're not alone in your struggles

Things can be different

You and those you spend time with deserve things to be different...

This is why I do what I do! 

Time to stop wishing and start committing?

What becomes possible for you if committed to change?

What areas of your life would benefit from you leaning into learning, love + leadership more fully and authentically?

Perhaps the scariest question is

What's the cost of doing nothing on your performance, relationships and overall human experience?

When you make a commitment to change – rather than just keep wishing things would be different – anything is possible.

  • Better relationships (because you’re present in them!)

  • More open minded, creative and resourceful

  • A more positive outlook. Even happy.

  • Have a more balanced perspective of the world (and the people in it!)

  • The ability to solve problems, make decisions, give and receive feedback

  • Create fresh, resourceful habits of behaviour

  • Higher performance and productivity, more engagement at work

  • Reduced stress and anxiety levels and conflict

  • Values and strengths aligned behaviour

  • Healthy responses to challenging people and situations

  • Resilience and ease around the inevitable struggle, failure and confusion that a human experience guarantees. 

My Philosophy on Transformation

Human Truths 

WHETHER YOU'RE CONSIDERING a workshop programme, group coaching or 1:1 coaching option the foundational principles of Our Minds Matter apply.  Transformation of you, or your team starts with becoming aware and accepting the very human-ness of us all.  It has to. 

Five of these human truths are:

  1. No one is perfect.

  2. No one is immune from adversity

  3. We all want the same things in life - peace, contentment, belonging, safety, purpose...

  4. You can't change if you're not self aware 

  5. We all have a different view of the world - Your View + Your Attitude = Your Experience.

Great Question - What is Transformation?

THE OUR MINDS MATTER FRAMEWORK aims for transformation - healthy change for the long term. Transformation means shifting you from where you are to where you want to be, in a way in which you get to keep you hair, your job, your marriage and your sanity.  With awareness, clarity and tools that will last much longer than the coaching or workshops!

That's because you'll learn how to lead yourself from the inside out, so when (not if) the rough stuff arrives, you can navigate that part of your human experience with ease and calm and even thrive because of it!

WHAT I DO IS TRANSFORMATIONAL because it expands your mind so that, step by step, you: 

  1. Unlock your biases, blocks, beliefs and bruises

  2. Gain clarity about how to better manage and accept these - and get out of your own way

  3. Can cope magnificently when (not if) 'life' happens in your corner

  4. Integrate what you know with what you do

  5. Programme yourself more effectively for success and create new resourceful habits of thinking, feeling and doing, without me!

  6. And achieve your goals!

Boom, a better human experience!

You Need to Know


  • Yes it's going to get messy, takes commitment and it won't happen overnight.  But it's worth it!

  • Yes there are many ways to do/feel/be different. But the best start is partnering with someone.

  • Yes there are 'quick fixes' out there. But the results are quick to disappear too.  The most transformational change happens when you get real awareness of what's going on beneath the surface : how can you be/do/feel different if you're not aware?

Self Leadership

Emotional Intelligence


The OMM Framework

Self leadership because when you start with 'self' you take ownership of your own growth, development, and success. The knock on effect is self-motivation, confidence to role model your human-ness, agility and connection with those you work and live with.  You'll become more aware, accepting, less judgemental, proactive and accountable. And from this place you become capable of inspiring and influencing others.

Emotional Intelligence, or EQ, equips you to understand and manage your own emotions effectively, and to hold space for others with empathy and compassion. The knock on effect is stronger relationships, better communication, and greater collaboration. Less anger and resentment all round!  You can navigate conflicts, inspire teamwork, and make more informed decisions, which contributes to your, your family and the team's, success. It's not surprising this is the #1 skill being sought after in leaders now.

Resilience is our ability to bounce back to a better place after adversity or failure.  Life without resilience make us prone to depression, anxiety, poor physical health, overwhelm, even burnout.  Plus research shows that almost 50% of kiwis are stressed ‘nearly all the time’ and half of us are suffering with chronic stress in silence.  Clearly building resilience muscles is going to make a difference in all areas of our life!  Its a key skill we all need because none of us is immune to adversity. “Life happens". COVID 19 was proof of that. 



You're in safe, knowing, hands

I'm a qualified professional transformational coach with 1000's of hours of facilitation and coaching experience.  My mahi draws on my own 25 year corporate career, my lived experience of burnout and transformation, and the research backed tools of mindfulness, positive psychology and neuroscience.  

I'm super passionate and fascinated by the human neuroscience and physiological response to stress and how this impacts how we show up in life.  My love for learning in this space never wanes. 

Perhaps MOST importantly, I love my mahi - because I get to help people achieve their goals, attain their deepest desires and upgrade their human experience. 

What others say ... ability to bring insight to the conversation, highlighting connections and possibilities that had passed me by, really opened doors for me

... Rhonda served as a bridge between worlds, reflecting on past endeavours and using the momentum gained from those exercises to plan and become excited about the future. For others I know she is something entirely different, fluid and adaptable depending on what the client requires or where they are in their personal business narrative.

... (I have) grown as an individual, can manage difficult situations and focus on the bigger picture.

made such a difference to my mindset regarding past experiences I've struggled with for 10 years, and every single time - without failure - I walk out of our sessions with a HUGE weight off my shoulders

... Rhonda challenges me, and this encourages me to alter my mindset and to approach situations from a deeper place

... helping me find a work-life balance, confidence in my decision making, dulling the self sabotage, teaching me ways of thinking, helping me articulate my thoughts and emotions... the list could go on forever! I am a completely different person, for the better. Why can't I give you more than 5 stars?!

... (I can) navigate complex and sometimes uncomfortable conversations

... she was able to speak to me from a place of deep understanding despite my lived experiences feeling very specific to [me]. I always felt accountable for making progress but never like I was out of my depth. Rhonda’s support and direction had a way of making the unknown feel familiar.

...acute listening skills to really hear what is going on for someone, and an intelligent yet down-to-earth summation

...professional and innate skills to help people correct the difficulties we all share in understanding ourselves, trusting others, communicating successfully, honouring our potential and feeling authentic and confident.

I walked away with so much inner strength. That strength opened me up to a whole new me that I never thought I could access. I dropped my walls that I struggled to get over and even when they popped back up, I felt safe sitting with Rhonda and letting her in.  I’m no longer rowing my waka alone

...I'm more resilient and more adaptable to a changing work environment. I'm less stressed, more productive, and feel like I'm making a positive impact in the workplace

"... be alive to your present and re-energised for your future"

"A lot of what is inside us can seem bonkers to share aloud. Sometimes we need another to help us make sense of ourselves - at times of change, loss, fear and uncertainty for example. Rhonda Parry is that person. 

She has both the professional and innate skills to help people correct the difficulties we all share in understanding ourselves, trusting others, communicating successfully, honouring our potential and feeling authentic and confident.

Knowing Rhonda for the better part of a decade, I continue to admire the commitment she has made to helping people understand their "emotional operating system". Her warmth and energy, her thoughtful reflection, her generous listening with a gentle enquiry that helps us explore our 'de-railers' - however elusive.

Rhonda's skills help you to be alive to your present and re-energised for your future." - Siobhan, executive, Auckland


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