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Feeling stuck and stressed? Wanting to feel calm, confident and connected?

TRANSFORM your life with deLIBERATE thinking

We help you and your team transform from being stressed and disconnected to calm, deliberate and productive through resilience and mindfulness workshops and coaching

When ‘life happens’ we can resort to retail therapy, giving up, or a 10am martini. But shoving it down, sideways or to someone else doesn’t help! Transformational coaching can. 

There's never been a better time to be deliberate, to build resilience and to practice mindfulness...

The more AWARENESS you have, the smaller the gap between INTENTION and FULFILMENT

Let’s face it: life is bumpy, messy and full of uncertainty, we can't change what is going on around us

But most of us overlook the fact that we can change how we experience life's bumps and messes - by changing our view. That's about increasing awareness of our perceptions of our reality.  

  • Are you overwhelmed and exhausted, living in the performance zone, juggling the digital age, with the noise of others' expectations in your ear?
  • Are you creating destructive stories about your life and being the worst version of yourself inside your most important relationships? 
  • Are you bouncing from one self help book to another, unable to answer the question: "why do I do what I do when I know what I know"?
  • Are you living on auto pilot, living 'comfortably numb', multitasking and giving away your time and attention?

Any of these scenarios means you're being robbed of joy, connection, your dreams, that the extraordinary life you deserve is instead rather average and ho-hum. And you're damaging your relationships, productivity, creativity, and health on a daily basis.

Please don't be alarmed, you're not alone. Take heart - life like this can be transformed as soon as we start DELIBERATE THINKING. 

If we change our view, become aware of the attitude we bring to what we find, wow, like magic our experience of life changes!

How much RESILIENCE do you have? Take the QUIZ!

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Keen to know how MINDFUL you are? Take the Quiz!

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Change your VIEW, increase your AWARENESS, change your EXPERIENCE.

What we offer

Mindfulness and resilience are skills we can all learn.  We all learn, implement and practice differently.  Here are three ways in which you can start your transformational journey with Our Minds Matter.

WORKSHOPS for workplaces

Mindful Productivity

Mindful Leadership

Rebuilding & Reconnecting your team

Advancing in Adversity

COACHING for indivdiuals

First consultation is FREE

Available in 1 session, 4 session and 8 session blocks

Also available as a 12 month transformational coaching package


Living Life on Purpose

For women

For men

For teenagers

we UNDERSTAND, really

we UNDERSTAND, really

What may be keeping you awake at night?

If you’re worried that you have your team’s time – but not their attention. And its impacting productivity, creativity and connection? We get it!

If you can’t focus, you’re too overwhelmed. We get it.

If the gap between where you are and where you want to be feels enormous.  We get it.

If you’re comfortably numb, on auto pilot, not progressing. We get it.

If you’re concerned about COVID19’s aftermath on your team. We get it.

If you’re sick of hearing the word ‘stress’. We get it!

Our workshops and coaching are DESIGNED to transform these situations!


how you can expect to FEEL

how you can expect to FEEL

What transformation looks and feels like

You and your team will learn:

  • To become present and protect your attention - and more productive
  • To be more open minded, creative and inclusive
  • To have a more balanced perspective of what is going on
  • To unpack your default coping strategies and practice healthy coping strategies 
  • To foster a more positive outlook, with learned optimism
  • To respond rather than react
  • To ditch perfectionism, and embrace failures
  • To become comfortable with ambiguity
  • To redefine true success for you, get real about what really matters
  • To unhook from criticism and praise and comparison
  • To be able to solve problems and make decisions, better
  • To dive deep into blockages and habitual thought-patterns to raise awareness of what is helping, harming and holding you back
  • To bridge the gap between where you are, and where you want to be!









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what we believe


resilience and mindfulness are the key life skills to thriving in adversity and living life deliberately every day

We believe we are all fundamentally connected:

  1. No-one is immune to adversity
  2. None of us is perfect!
  3. We all want the same things in life

We believe three things preventing us from thriving:

  1. We don't protect our attention.
  2. We believe everything we think.
  3. We live in default - auto pilot - mode.

We also believe the solutions to these are within you.  Which is why we have developed workshops and a coaching practice using a Resilience and Mindfulness framework to raise awareness.  Once you are aware, you can make change.  

Our framework cuts through the conceptual jungle of positive psychology and resilience theory to deliver a very REAL and practical solution to you and your team. We promise you won't have to read a plethora of self help books or have a psychology degree!



non clinical, backed by science and research

Where we focus our attention, and the attitude we bring to what we find, determines where we spend our time and energy, and our future. In our workshops and coaching we use the science and research backed practices of mindfulness and resilience to reveal: 

  • where your attention goes - that's the beliefs and thoughts you are deliberate about
  • the attitude you choose to bring to what you find - that's revealing and replacing the blockages
  • the motivation you have to make one choice, one response, or one action over another - that's retraining to thrive because of adversity. 

Which means YOU can transform YOUR view, choices and responses to YOUR life though deliberate thinking. You're back in charge of your attention - and therefore your future - my friends!

"I'm able to control only that of which I'm aware, and that of which I unaware controls me". 

The more AWARENESS you have, the smaller the gap between INTENTION and FULFILMENT

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