Do you adopt healthy or unhealthy coping strategies...?

The way in which we cope with lockdown uncertainty, adversity, or just the queue at the supermarket, comes down to our assessment of what’s in our control. Often at the start of a coaching session, a client is, not surprisingly, feeling stressed.  However, when m...
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​Ready to change your view & experience of life? Learn how to lean into Joy!

Ok, so I was going to try really hard not to mention our lockdown situation in this email ....  but it's so hard!  So hard on all of us, and this 'death by a thousand cuts' approach to lockdown, as days are added on here and there, is making it even ...
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Q: What's REALLY required to build resilience. A: it's not strategy!

I was recently interviewed for a post-grad research assignment, subject – resilience – something I am equally passionate and qualified to talk about!  Specifically, how effective are workplaces in NZ at developing and implementing resilience strategies in your exper...
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It's NOT your fault!

Your brain is a very beautiful thing, it’s an unbelievably incredibly sophisticated computer right on top of your shoulders!   And while some aspects of it are the very thing that distinguishes us from other mammals – for example we have will-power, memory, int...
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No time to sharpen the saw? It makes sense if you're tired! I'll hit you between the eyes on this one: the truth is resting is NOT lazy.  Regardless of what we have been raised to believe, looking after yourself, which includes resting, is one of the very best things yo...
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how to live life deliberately on your terms

Feeling a little lost in this reintegration and recovery state of play? Often we get overwhelmed because we are trying to “do and be everything to everyone else”. Maybe you’re regularly triggered into a stress response, or you’re operating in default mode, on au...
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I say! Death to multi tasking!

“Well I’m reading this blog, but I have a presentation due tomorrow, I’m writing a board paper at the moment and I’m thinking about what to have for dinner and I’m keeping a list going in my head of all the things I need to talk to my manager about at my performanc...
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