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If you're absolutely ready for change, now.

You’ve come to the right place...

If you'd like a FREE Clarity Session with me, please fill out a quick application, and if it feels like we're a fit, I'll reach out within the next few days and offer up some times we can meet (zoom or face to face).  

I ask you to complete the application form for a reason, simply because I have limited slots available for Clarity Sessions.  I deliberately don't take on a ton of clients, so I can honour my intention to provide truly tailored 1:1 support.  Coaching with me is a bit like a customised graduate programme where I help design an experience based on what I see will help you heal and grow into your goals.  (This is not a sales tactic, it's the reality of my life and the limited number of hours in the day that we all have!).

PLUS I'm not going to charge you a cent if we're not a good match for each other.

We'll work together when it's clear we're a fit and that I can help you get out of your own way and realise your dreams and goals that have been eluding you up until this point.  I'll help you do, be and have what you want but you need to be prepared to do the work and the application is the start of this commitment. 

If you feel nervous or excited about filling in this application, remember that fear is simply 'excitement without the breath'' and that anything NEW that you truly desire is going to be outside of your comfort zone of familiarity... which means it WILL feel scary.

You're here for a reason.

You are ready to upgrade your human experience and unlock you human potential.

And I've got your back every step of the way.

Starting with a Clarity Session!

If you're here but not sure... here's what a Clarity Session is all about:

With Transformational Coaching, we start with a Clarity Session. In a Clarity Session we map out where you are, what's working and what's not, where you want to be, and what's holding you back.  This may be blocks, biases, beliefs, blindspots, bruises from past experiences, basically a whole lotta 'b' words that mean you're getting in your own way! 

By the end of a Clarity Session you'll be crystal clear on your goals and super clear on where to make changes.  We'll have talked about the best possible way for me to support you and we'll have formulated a plan.  A plan you can run with on your own, or a plan which we decide to work on together. 

Because sometimes what you really need is a highly trained coach to help you do the inner work and the outer work. I'm that person in your corner.  Someone who really sees you and hears you, who consistently calls you forward into the work of healing AND growth.  Pretty hard to grow if you're not healed first, right!?

Once you really get under the hood and address what's holding you back, you can move forward confidently and boldly, with strategy, aligned action and accountability.  You don't have to do it alone!


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