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It's tough at the top when you're running out of ideas to help your staff help themselves...

I help you help your staff learn to lead themselves - to check themselves before they wreck themselves!

Most business leaders feel the overwhelming sense of complexity right now, and the resulting weight of responsibility for the mental health of their team. Dragging themselves to work with that heavy sinking feeling because they’re not doing great mentally themselves, and they want their team to work in harmony, be engaged and not stay in bed all day with the cat!

You’re not alone.  It’s really common for high performing leaders and executives to feel that overwhelm. And just as common to feel they should know 'everything' to fix it.

That’s exactly why I’ve designed a dedicated framework to help business leaders support their workers and grow effective teams that talented people want to be in.  When they – leaders and team - do the workshops or group coaching, everyone becomes more aware and focused, teams engage, morale is boosted and performance improves. People motivate and lead themselves!

It’s the most holistic and deliberate way to ensure resilient happy teams and better 'human experiences' for everyone.

Positive Psychology

Substance of My Mahi

Vulnerability is the #1 requirement for connection and trust (Brene Brown)

Psychological safety is the #1 pathway to effective teams (Google's Aristotle Project plus more...)

Emotional intelligence is the #1 skill being looked for in leaders (SixSeconds plus more...)

Mindfulness (or conscious leadership) is the #1 tool for stress reduction (anyone who has ever practiced mindfulness - plus research!)

And that's why I use neuroscience and research, and the research backed tools of mindfulness, and positive psychology to inform all of my work.

So whether you're a leader of a family, 10 or 10,000 people, you're a human first and foremost.  Which means you have emotions, fears, self limiting beliefs and a different view of the world from everyone else.  Which also means you cannot NOT have influence!

What's the MOST TRANSFORMATIONAL way to improve our influence & leadership?

This may be the best 2 hour investment of time you ever make!

Positive Psychology shows us that happier people are smarter, healthier, more creative and 31% more productive

Being a great leader means being comfortable that you can't be expected to know everything.  You just don't know what you don't know!

  • 53% of NZ workers are feeling burnout from work (employment hero 2022)

  • Research shows that 25% of staff are suffering with chronic stress in silence

  • The pandemic has meant that 41% of people place less importance on their career (employment hero 2022)

  • 50% of us are more likely to be loyal to an employer whose commitment to health is good (employment hero 2022) AND they're more satisfied, more committed and more productive

  • 1 in 5 people will experience depression in any given year (

  • Only 30% of large scale change efforts succeed - meaning 70% don't costing billions

  • The return on investment for health and wellness is between $2.30 and $10.10 (PwC)

  • Employees of organisation who invest in their 'whole health' are nearly 8 times more engaged  (Right Management Research, NZ and Workplace Survey 2017)

  • Organisations where health and wellbeing is promoted have better financial performance by 2.5 times (Right Management Research, NZ and Workplace Survey 2017)

What I do in less than 2 minutes...

I HELP LEADERS WHO WANT TO HELP THEIR TEAM.  People who are overwhelmed and struggling with the weight of responsibility for their team. You know, that heavy sinking feeling you get when you’re not doing great mentally yourself, but you still want your team to work effectively and nicely, and not stay in bed all day with the cat!

I HELP OTHER HUMANS TOO. Whether you’re a leader of a family, 10 or 10,000 people, you’re human first & foremost, so with 1:1 'self-mastery' Coaching I help you understand your emotional operating system and your 'derailers', however elusive.  You’ll become more aware, gain clarity and acceptance of what these derailers are, and get super clear on the aligned action you need to take to get out of your own way and reach your goals. This empowers you to be YOU in a world of adversity, uncertainty and complexity. And people!

HOW I DO IT: Using my unique OMM framework – and an authentic + informal approach (no PowerPoint in sight!) - I design and build transformational learning experiences for teams.  My framework cuts through the conceptual jungle of psychology and theory to deliver a unique ‘lived learning’ experience, rich in stories, practices, conversations + opportunities to leverage the wisdom in the room. My framework is non clinical, backed by evidence, science, research and using cutting edge best practice facilitation methods.

WHICH MEANS THAT: Everyone becomes more aware, focused + connected, so morale is boosted, productivity and profit improves. It’s the most holistic + deliberate way to ensure resilient happy teams and better times. Research proves it!

WHAT OTHERS SAY: “Rhonda has both the professional and innate skills to help people correct the difficulties we all share in understanding ourselves, trusting others, communicating successfully, honouring our potential and feeling authentic and confident.”

THIS IS ME: For 25 years I was a leader too, I have the burnout bruises! I’ve recovered & transformed to become a lifelong learner.  I'm a qualified professional transformational coach (not to be confused with a life coach) and a mindfulness and resilience facilitator  I’m still a perfectly imperfect human being (and a human doing!) just like you. With 1 hubby, 4 acres + 5 kids!

This may be the best 2 hour investment of time you ever make!

HOW TO lead yourself (and grow an awesome + effective team)

Conscious Leadership, Emotional Intelligence & Resilience are skills we can all learn. Just like building our biceps, with practice, tools and support, we can improve our mental fitness & emotional operating system so we get that human experience upgrade! 


  • I offer workshops, programmes, group coaching and 1:1 coaching.

  • I use the science and research backed tools of mindfulness, positive psychology and neuroscience.

  • I hear you and I care about finding out what really matters for you, to get to the 'real stuff', whatever that is for YOU and/or your team.

We all learn and practice differently, so here's 3 ways to start your transformation with me.

Maybe 1:1 Leadership coaching is the best option for your team?

Or perhaps 1:1 coaching is the best option in your workplace?

Yes we run workshops and group coaching, but the impact of 1:1 coaching can also have a profound impact on a work environment.  A Harvard Business Review of 140 leading executive coaches showed that while only 3% of coaches were hired to attend to the personal lives of executives, over 75% of the coaches found themselves assisting executives with personal issues - the 'whole' of themselves.  

You see, the "opponent within is more formidable than the one outside". Just an option!

Awesome teams I get to partner with include:


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