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transformational coaching to change lives

You know what's amazing? You're not here by accident.

You're exactly where you need to be.

Because you’re so ready for change, right? 

That you've come this far needs to be acknowledged.  So whether you hang out in this site with me or connect somewhere else, I congratulate you for valuing yourself enough to start a journey of lasting change....   whatever 'upgrading your human experience' means to you. 

Lasting change so you can upgrade your human experience and realise your goals is what transformational coaching is all about.  It's what I'm all about!

  • I'm here for you when you want to make a big change or breakthrough in your life

  • I'm here for you when you're ready to get out of your own way, to go from good to great AF!

  • I'm here for you when you crave a sense of purpose, connection and direction...

  • I'm here for you if you're wanting to crush what's stood in your way so you can live to your potential

  • I'm here for you when you're exhausted and you're wanting balance and new patterns of behaviour.

  • Or you need some delicious, gentle pathways and strategies to enhance your perception + response to life.

  • And I'm here when you 'just' want a fulfilling, peaceful more content and connected life.

And all that self-help has become 'shelf-help'!  Now you need support and help to get there.

It can feel scary (especially if you haven't' experienced coaching before!). Because coaching is a personal, transformational and incredibly powerful journey.  It's an investment in YOU. 

It's important to note to - you don't have to be 'broken' to benefit from coaching.  Everyone benefits from greater self awareness, clarity and taking aligned action towards their goals!

As the saying goes - pain is inevitable, suffering is a choice.  And that's why I coach.  To help you get out of your own way and become the awesome YOU that you can be, to have the human experience you deserve.!

Here's some common blocks you're likely hitting up against

Burnout + no boundaries - just can't say 'no'

People pleasing - becoming a human pretzel to keep others happy

Self limiting beliefs

Unconscious fears if WE DO get what we want

Isolation + disconnection

Lost your confidence, power & voice

Self doubt + comparison (the 'I'm not good enough' disease)

Procrastination, indecision + inaction - why can't I do this!!???

Lack focus, can't pay attention

And these blocks mean you get in your OWN way.
Does any of this sound familiar?

Are you Hitting Snooze, dragging yourself out of bed, dreading the day, lacking enthusiasm because you can't bear to hear all your staff's issues (you have enough of your own, right!)?

Are you spending time in The Depths of Despair – as you realised time is passing you by and you’re not living the life, or being the person, you wanted to be?

Have you become a Perfecting People Pleaser? Marching to the beat of others' expectations in your ear and becoming more and more resentful...?

Are you filling that Big Pot Hole In Your Life with unhealthy habits and behaviours. Retail therapy? A regular extra bottle of wine? Unhealthy eating habits?

Are you the Worst Version of You inside your most important relationships - snappy at your dog, yelling at the kids, snippy at work. Then beating yourself up for it? 

Do you carry a Sense of Imposter Syndrome - "I've got this great job but I have no idea what I'm doing, they'll find me out soon enough"!?

Have you had that Regrettable Moment – you’ve overreacted, apologised profusely, hoping you’ll keep your job, your marriage, or a place at the Christmas table?

Are you convinced there's got to be Something Larger And More Lasting to be working on, but you just can’t pinpoint what that something is?

That's OK, these are the sorts of things my clients are working on. You're not alone, and I can help...

Any of these scenarios means you're being robbed of joy, connection, your dreams + the extraordinary life you deserve has become rather average + ho-hum.  You're damaging your relationships, productivity, creativity, and health on a daily basis.

Wait!  Yes, it can be tough out there and you don't need to be 'broken' to benefit from reaching out and getting support. You're not alone. 

When you're my private coaching client, you get

I'm on your team!

When ‘life happens’ we can resort to retail therapy, giving up, or a 10am martini. But shoving it down, sideways or to someone else doesn’t help!

Sometimes what you really, really, really need is a highly qualified and equally compassionate coach to help you review your life and goals, help you get under the hood to figure out what's working and what's not, and identify how & where to make change.

And what else? It's super common to want to have someone really see you, and celebrate with you.  You need someone who consistently calls you forward into the work of healing AND growth. This is what I'm really good at!

So! If you're wanting to start a new chapter (volume?) of your life, and wanting to partner with someone as you navigate your work, relationships and curve balls ... I can support you. 

So that you learn how to check yourself before you wreck yourself! Or your career. Kids. Marriage...

This is what 1:1 coaching with me in YOUR corner looks like:

I partner with you using an inside out approach (no lycra required!)

First we get crystal clear on your goals for coaching and together we create a unique map of where you want to go. We do this in a complimentary clarity session which includes finding out the best possible way for me to support you,

Then we uncover YOUR blindspots, beliefs, blocks, bruises and biases that sit lurking under the surface of your behaviours and choices.  Because its those bloody B words that are the root causes of your stress, sabotage or suffering. 

Now that we've pulled the B words out from under the bed, with this new-found awareness we can do the inner clarity + acceptance work which means you can get out of your own way,  Its means doing the inner work where we unravel the mystery of yourself and help you discover who your 'best possible self' really is without all the B words.  And we expand your mind and capacity to deal with stuff, like jobs, people, health, kids....  It's a bit like clearing the weeds so we can start from a clean + clear space.  

This is WHY I am so passionate about what I do.  It's the inner work that makes Transformational and Mastery Method Coaching such a powerful experience because we work on five different levels:

  1. emotional

  2. mindset (mental hygiene)

  3. somatic (physical/embodiment)

  4. behavourial

  5. unconscious - which is where about 90% of our behaviours are directed from!

PS - Most coaching is behavourial only - the outer work. But I'm all about lasting change so we go deeper! This gives you the power, and I provide the support, so you take the aligned action, from a CLEAN space, to reach your goals.

PPS!  - Its less about information, more about transformation.  Great, right!?

This is how I approach my mahi

  • I build trust and partner with you. 

  • I hear you, I see you and I care.

  • I don't hand you the answers. Despite what you may think right now, you already have the answers.  My role is to partner with you to reveal these to yourself. Inside out remember?

  • THEN you'll know what you need to do

  • And if you want accountability, I'm there for that too! 

  • I will give advice - only if you expressly ask for this!

  • I'm authentic, 'perfectly imperfect' and compassionate. There is no judgement.

  • I'm confidential and I respect your stories

  • All the while, I hold a loving, safe, space for you to be you.

Here's what you get in a coaching container

A coaching container is a life changing period of time during which you get my support throughout - remember, I'm in your corner!  It's NOT about the number of sessions, It's about transformation and change - its a bit like a customised graduate programme where I help design an experience based on what I see will help YOU grow into your goals. 

Inside the container we do the inner work and the outer work (because once you really heal what's holding you back, you can move forward lightening quick with strategy and accountability!).  This is all backed by the most up to date research and science around mindfulness, neuroscience and positive psychology (because, unapologetically, I'm a bit of a nerd about this stuff).   

All containers include 1:1 sessions, support in between, accountability, resources and email access.  Full Support containers also include Spot Coaching, more frequent sessions and a 1/2 day VIP immersion to kick start your transformational journey.

Because of the deep level of customised support a container involves, please note that I have a limited number of clients at any point in time. This is for your benefit and my benefit xx

1:1 60min sessions

Face to face in Tamahere or online (zoom). Sessions are normally 60mins each

VIP 1/2 day immersion

This is a deep dive to really set us up for the journey - we'll do a strategy session, uncover those blocks in the most effective way, and enjoy building rapport and trust over lunch.

Resources and materials

The magic happens between sessions as much as it does inside a session - so I'll set you up with the home-play you need to support your progress.

Accountability & Support

Depending on what you need, I'll be your gentle cheerleader or your fierce accountability buddy who calls you forward!

Email & Text access

If you need me in between sessions you can touch base with voice memo or text or email.

Spot Coaching

If you have something important or high stress coming up, we can hop on the phone for 15 minutes of spot coaching. When you're my 1:1 client, I've got you.

And the container options...

4 & 6 mth Coaching Container

Designed for you if haven't worked with me before and need to get started 'somehow'. You're READY to deal with specific issues and build clarity and awareness about how you're relating to them.

Fortnightly 1:1 sessions, resources & materials, emails & text access, accountability & support throughout the container.

4 & 6 mth FULL SUPPORT Container

You really want to get out of your way this time!  You're absolutely committed to this investment in YOU + your goals!

VIP 1/2 day Immersion, 3 weeks on and 1 week off 1:1 coaching sessions., resources & materials, email & phone access between sessions, accountability & support AND Spot Coaching 

9 mth Executive & Leadership Container

You want to transform how you show up as a leader and need fierce support to deal with things as and when they arise. Maybe you're gunning for a promotion?

VIP 1/2 day, 10 x fortnightly and 4 x monthly 1:1 coaching. Unlimited email + phone access between, resources & materials, accountability & support AND Spot Coaching 

Sessions for Existing clients

You've done some inner work with me already and just need to work on something specific. 

Maybe you need to have a regular check in, to keep on track. 

Available to returning clients only.

Can be purchased in any multiple of sessions. 

Half Day VIP Immersion

You want a deep dive right now & a half day commitment is what you want to set yourself up for change.

This is face to face.  

Ready to start your beautiful life changing journey?

And if you're still unsure, here's a STEP by STEP guide to setting yourself up for coaching 

(with me or any other coach - if you're making this investment its got to be the right fit to do this work together!)

Step #1 - Confirm You need a Coach

Step #2 - Decide If I'm the Coach for You

Step #3 - Book a FREE Clarity Session 

Step#4 -Choose a Coaching Container

STEP #1 - Confirm You need a Coach

- John Wooden

Here's a fun fact - nearly 50% of our day we're operating in default autopilot mode.  Which is a great thing on one hand - because while we're busy sorting kids, logistics, your team, report deadlines and a social life, we've also got 600 trillion cells doing exactly what they should be, when they should be.  We're incredible, all of us.

But then there's the unhelpful unconscious - habits, patterns, beliefs and thoughts that fly under the radar, trip us up and get in the way of us having a great human experience.  Time for some deliberate thinking + doing.  You know you have to make something shift because there's more to your life than 'this'. You deserve more than this.  And you know that the cost to your happiness and health of doing nothing may be catastrophic at worst, or disappointing at best.

Coaching may be a game-changing - life changing - option for you!

And if you're willing to commit to the mahi -  then...

THIS is exactly when coaching is going to support you!

If you want to get super specific, then have a look below - but if you already know why you're here and you're READY, skip the blue section and leap ahead to Step 2.


  • accepting your state of chronic stress and overwhelm as normal?
  • having no time or energy for what really matters?
  • can't get out of bed in the morning?
  • being taken advantage of at work or home?
  • exhausting yourself giving the impression of being perfect?
  • overwhelmed with dread about taking the next step?
  • being unable to cope when the going gets tough?


  • simply that: feeling sad and lost, and you can't put your finger on why?
  • feeling lonely and no one understand you?
  • everything should be 'fine' but it just isn't!


There are a bunch of 'cognitive distortions' that we all default to in varying degrees.  Our brain is wired for survival not for happiness, and cognitive distortions are trying to protect us -

they’re fast tracked coping mechanisms which are really sensitive to threat.

Using cognitive based therapy (CBT) coaching can help you if you find yourself:
  • defaulting to 'all or nothing' thinking
  • magnetising the negative, discounting the positive
  • catastrophising the worst case scenario
  • taking everything personally
  • getting upset that others don't do what you think they should
  • jumping to conclusions about the future - a but like fortune telling :)
  • mind reading - making assumptions about what someone thinks about you
  • constantly blaming others or 'needing' to be right all the time
  • overgeneralising

By learning to correctly identify this kind of “stinkin’ thinkin’,” we can then answer the negative thinking back, and refute it. By refuting the negative thinking over and over again, it will slowly diminish overtime and be automatically replaced by more rational, balanced thinking. That's what coaching and CBT do.


  • kids recently left home?
  • lost a job?
  • been made redundant?
  • closed a business?
  • ended a relationship or recently divorced?
  • moved towns?
  • recently lost a loved one?
  • recovering from a major health scare?
  • returning to work after a long absence?
  • been or being bullied at work?
  • trying to deal with impact of COVID on your life?
  • reaching a milestone birthday and you've discovered an appetite for something new?


  • honestly where do you start?
  • kids are angry and raging?
  • kids are anxious and withdrawn, no self confidence?
  • kids won't talk to you, spend their days locked up in their room?
  • you worry constantly about their future?
  • worrying about whether you've done enough to set them off in the world?
  • worrying about whether they're able to make good decisions?
  • scared about what they're really doing when not at home?
  • not liking the version of you that your kids get to see?
  • lost the plot with rules, boundaries and punishments?


  • quite simply life was supposed to be better than this!
  • something has to change and not sure where to start?
  • feeling like you have no control over your life?
  • at a crossroads in your career?


  • feeling comfortably or uncomfortably numb about life?
  • in a treadmill - work home work, nothing to look forward to?
  • feeling a sense of dread about the future - is this as good as it gets?
  • knowing there was supposed to be more to life than this?
  • feeling time is passing you by?
  • scared to rock the boat and make a change, but knowing you have to?
  • living the lives others expect you to have, rather than the one you want?
  • feeling disheartened, downtrodden and disappointed at not having the life you thought you'd have?


  • don't even know WHAT you want to do?
  • realising the self help books have become more 'shelf help' than 'self help'?
  • living the lives others expect you to have, rather than the one you want?
  • getting in your own way of progress - new year resolutions, yeah nah?
  • unhappy in your job, but else can you do?
  • feeling disheartened, downtrodden and disappointed for never getting 'it' started?
  • maybe you're alone for first time and haven't had to come up with 'your own' direction before?
  • at a crossroads in your career?


  • been advised that 'unless you do something' you'll end up on medication?


  • having panic attacks?
  • feeling paralysed with fear about what future holds?
  • losing sleep due to worrying?
  • afraid to try anything new for fear of failure?
  • accepting your state of anxiety as normal. 
  • being unable to cope when the going gets tough?
  • unable to regulate your emotions, your emotional brain is on steriods?


  • unable to get things done, with monkey mind in full swing?
  • can't turn your thoughts off?
  • feeling disheartened, downtrodden and disappointed for never getting 'it' started?
  • struggling to pay attention to people talking to you?
  • can't decide what to be working on?
  • constantly missing out on promotion?


  • realising the self help books have become more 'shelf help' than 'self help'?
  • feeling as if you're throwing down the drain with online training?
  • getting in your own way of progress - new year resolutions, yeah nah?
  • feeling disheartened, downtrodden and disappointed for never getting 'it' started.
  • your mind full of thoughts and you can't unscramble them?
  • unsure what even matters to you any more?


  • realising the self help books have become more 'shelf help' than 'self help'?
  • getting too much advice from well meaning others and it's adding to the stress?
  • accepting your state of chronic stress as normal?
  • needing someone to listen and help without judgement?
  • monkey mind in overdrive, can't see the wood for the trees!?
  • exhausting yourself giving the impression of being perfect?
  • treating yourself unkindly?
  • being unable to cope when the going gets tough?
  • worrying about your mental health (and its damaging your mental health!)?
  • desperately trying to keep it all together, to be 'in control'?


  • living the lives others expect you to have, rather than the one you want. 
  • feeling resentment toward those you love and work for?
  • exhausting yourself giving the impression of being perfect?
  • trying to keep the peace?
  • feeling responsible for the happiness of others?
  • feeling disheartened and disappointed about who you are being?
  • lost sight of who you really are - you've become a human pretzel trying to 'fit in' with everyone?
  • yet, while you're frantically being everything to everyone, you're treating yourself unkindly?


  • giving 'your all' to work with little time left for other areas of life?
  • relationships suffering as a result of time you spend at work?
  • no time for exercise and self care?
  • not getting enough sleep?
  • someone's given you an ultimatum - "do something or else..."?
  • never seeing your kids, missing out on them growing up?
  • unable to get off the treadmill?
  • fantasising about 'running away' (don't laugh, I've done it!!)

STEP #2 - Decide if I'm the Coach for You ability to bring insight to the conversation, highlighting connections and possibilities that had passed me by, really opened doors for me

... Rhonda served as a bridge between worlds, reflecting on past endeavours and using the momentum gained from those exercises to plan and become excited about the future. For others I know she is something entirely different, fluid and adaptable depending on what the client requires or where they are in their personal business narrative.

... (I have) grown as an individual, can manage difficult situations and focus on the bigger picture.

made such a difference to my mindset regarding past experiences I've struggled with for 10 years, and every single time - without failure - I walk out of our sessions with a HUGE weight off my shoulders

... Rhonda challenges me, and this encourages me to alter my mindset and to approach situations from a deeper place

... helping me find a work-life balance, confidence in my decision making, dulling the self sabotage, teaching me ways of thinking, helping me articulate my thoughts and emotions... the list could go on forever! I am a completely different person, for the better. Why can't I give you more than 5 stars?!

... (I can) navigate complex and sometimes uncomfortable conversations

... she was able to speak to me from a place of deep understanding despite my lived experiences feeling very specific to [me]. I always felt accountable for making progress but never like I was out of my depth. Rhonda’s support and direction had a way of making the unknown feel familiar.

...acute listening skills to really hear what is going on for someone, and an intelligent yet down-to-earth summation

...professional and innate skills to help people correct the difficulties we all share in understanding ourselves, trusting others, communicating successfully, honouring our potential and feeling authentic and confident.

I walked away with so much inner strength. That strength opened me up to a whole new me that I never thought I could access. I dropped my walls that I struggled to get over and even when they popped back up, I felt safe sitting with Rhonda and letting her in.  I’m no longer rowing my waka alone

...I'm more resilient and more adaptable to a changing work environment. I'm less stressed, more productive, and feel like I'm making a positive impact in the workplace

STEP #3 - Book a FREE Clarity Session

Regardless of the coaching package you choose, our first meet-up is no obligation and FREE - the Clarity Session. In 90 minutes we discuss your needs, your intentions, your definition of success.

This first connection is free because it's important you feel comfortable with your coach and the investment you're making. Before you make it.

STEP #4 - Choose a Coaching Container

If we think we're a good fit, we'll work out which Coaching Container is best suited for you. I'll make a recommendation to you based on what I've heard and observed in our Clarity Session, and what you're wanting to achieve - but the choice is always yours.

It could be 4 or 6 months of support, it could be FULL SUPPORT or it could be the Executive & Leadership container.  

Your transformation may just be a very quick 4 month investment in YOU!

Just imagine what becomes possible for you with ME IN YOUR CORNER...

Coaching can support you to:

  • Do meaningful work, connected with Your Purpose

  • Balance your health & relationships AND your deadlines at work

  • Solve problems and make decisions with confidence 

  • Enjoy higher performance and productivity, more engagement at work  

  • Have reduced stress, anxiety and conflict 

  • String two sensible words together at the end of the day

  • Be calm, resourceful and focussed when the sh*t hits the fan and you’re facing (more) complexity and adversity 

  • Be less reactive, less conflict when dealing with challenging people.

  • Have a more positive, balanced perspective and outlook. Even happy.

  • Let go of the past – even forgive those who've let you down

  • Love the whole of you – this is the deep work on your sense of self worth

  • Know what really matters to you – and ditching what doesn’t

  • Have a deeper understanding of your values & beliefs – and acting in alignment with them

  • Know and leverage your strengths (instead of focusing on your weaknesses!)

  • Have better relationships (because you’re present in them!)

  • Be more open minded, creative and resourceful

  • Respond with ease around the inevitable struggle, failure and confusion that a human experience guarantees. 


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