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Conscious Leadership as a Superpower In Times of Stress & Rapid Change

From Chaos to Clarity

Is your reactivity causing more harm than good?
You've landed exactly where you needed to!

THE WORLD IS CHANGING faster than humans are able to adapt, and it's easy to get caught in the whirlwind of stress, drama and reactivity, limiting your influence and impact without even knowing it. 

But what if you could lean into reactivity, challenges and difficult people as your deepest teachers and become an even more influential leader BECAUSE of it?

The Awakening Conscious Leadership Workshop is where you can learn to cultivate awareness of your reactivity under stress and learn practices to enhance your presence and influence. Even when IN the chaos.

Elevate your
Expand your

AWAKENING CONSCIOUS LEADERSHIP is a unique interactive 2-hour immersion workshop that combines neuroscience and mindfulness to help you lead and live well from within. This workshop won’t just give you information about how to be a conscious leader, it will help you BECOME a conscious leader through embodiment and mindful practices to rewire your stress responses. It's an inside out job.

Doing the inner work to BE a conscious leadership is the only way to sustained change. You will leave the workshop empowered to navigate challenges with equanimity and creativity, and the ability to cultivate awareness in moments when you need it most.

What will you learn?

Master Intentional Influence

Learn the neuroscience behind shaping your impact in high-pressure scenarios. No degree in science or brain surgery required!


Regulate Your Response

Gain grounded evidence-backed tools to manage stress + uncertainty, allowing you to maintain poise and presence in any situation.

Rewire For Resilience

Transform how you respond to challenging situations + difficult people, turning stressors into opportunities for growth and leadership.

What problems does ACL solve?

Stress + Burnout

Leaders often struggle with managing stress and preventing burnout, which can negatively impact their performance and well-being.

Lack of self-awareness

Leaders may not be fully aware of their own strengths, weaknesses + triggers, which can hinder ability to lead effectively + authentically.

Working professionals and leaders often face a variety of challenges that can be addressed through the ACL workshop.

Reactive leadership

When faced with challenges, leaders often react impulsively or emotionally rather than responding thoughtfully and strategically.

Other problems include:

  • Difficulty inspiring and motivating others

  • Poor communication and collaboration

  • Inability to adapt to change

  • Lack of work-life balance

  • Difficulty creating a positive work culture

  • Inability to manage conflict effectively

  • Lack of clarity and purpose

Is ACL for you?

Yes, whether you're an experienced leader or just want to be a more conscious, influential human being ...

I invite you to embark on a transformational journey to become a more conscious influential human being...

This 2 hour interactive session - affectionately known as 'ACL' - is crafted for professionals—including executives, HR directors, managers, and business owners—along with creatives and emerging thought leaders.

It's for you if you're eager to awaken your conscious leadership potential,  whether you're an experienced leader or just want to be a more conscious, influential human being (emphasis on being!).

Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your influence (from the inside out) and generate a more positive impact in your work and at home in a workshop that’s been given inside of organizations like Google, Stanford University, the Page Society, Women’s Presidents Organization and Conscious Capitalism.

What can you expect in 2 hours?

During the ACL Workshop, we’ll cover why your ability as a leader to maximize your presence and influence is the most-needed asset of our time!

 Plus you’ll discover how to:

✅  Turn stress, self-doubt and reactivity into opportunities for personal transformation, self awareness and maximum influence

✅  Break free from the stress cycles and reactivity that are costing you relationally and financially

✅  Master science-backed practices to minimize reactivity and enhance resourcefulness and leadership presence in moments of stress (right when we need them!)

✅  And you'll experience a facilitation that creates deep connections and ensures learning sticks + truly transforms.

 No more 'leadership stuff' gathering dust on your bookshelf!

Why Awakening Conscious Leadership?

Take in this 1-minute clip to discover Dr. Daniel Friedland's timeless wisdom on the profound influence of leaders in Awakening Conscious Leadership.

Conscious Leadership is about intersecting Neuroscience + Mindfulness so you can shift from reactivity, stress & doubt to.... creativity, calm + connection. What's not to like?  But the evidence, the research, the backing?

This workshop is inspired by the late Dr. Daniel Friedland's timeless wisdom, is led by Rhonda and powered by the innovative XCHANGE approach.

It's nice to meet you, I'm Rhonda, your guide

I'm a transformational coach and facilitator, dedicated to supporting purpose-driven leaders and other humans.

 After spending 25 years in corporate I now combine my professional expertise, with a heartfelt commitment to redefine how we unlock potential at scale through transformational learning experiences.

 By unifying various disciplines – including neuroscience, mindfulness & positive psychology - I offer comprehensive, science-backed gatherings to foster awareness, connection, and high performance.

I have an unapologetic authentic, informal and engaging style, to  encourage widespread learning, deep human connection, and an instant sense of community.  

 Because sometimes what you really, really, really need is a highly qualified and equally compassionate person to help you discover what really works when we're talking about effective conscious leadership, of self, others and teams.

This is what I'm really good at!
Here's what others have to say:

Rhonda brings her calm and grounding energy and expertise to every session. Her ability to effortlessly connect and engage with people creates an atmosphere of warmth and openness, fostering an environment where shared dialogue and reflection is valued, propelling the kaupapa of the session.  Her use of interactive activities, mindfulness practices and reflective exercises keeps sessions dynamic and engaging, holding our team's attention from start to finish. She seamlessly weaves the stories and perspectives of our shared koorero together, supporting us to make meaning and connect the content to our professional and personal lives. The content itself is absolutely fantastic, made accessible because Rhonda has a remarkable knack for distilling complex concepts into easily digestible insights.  – Lia Hockly-Carrick – Manager, Old MacDonald's Morrinsville

"Whilst some consultants have good content, Rhonda goes further by curating great content based on lived experiences together with a sense of deep personal care she brings to those she works closely with.  Her highly tuned facilitation skills enable her to customise programs and interventions with a real lasting impact for her clients. Great facilitators like Rhonda can read the room and adapt delivery on the spot to ensure content covered has a better chance of being embedded into practice for the people she's working with, rather than being just heard and then forgotten". – Simon Wickham, (ex) CEO Harkness Henry Lawyers

Rhonda's energy was infectious... The interactive activities and exercises she incorporated to keep the session engaging and dynamic, ensured that every participant remained involved and interested throughout. Rhonda's knack for managing group dynamics created a safe and inclusive environment where everyone felt valued and heard. What sets Rhonda apart from other facilitators is her ability to connect with each participant, encouraging open dialogue and participation from everyone. Rhonda's flexibility in adjusting the content and approach based on our staff's needs ensured that every participant went away from her session, having gained meaningful understanding of the material and they could apply it practically straight away. - Nikki Willis - Acting Principal Te Kowhai School

We have learnt personal skills on how to cope with everyday stressors, relearnt why we think in certain ways and how to adjust some of those situations. We learnt a lot about each other and how to effectively deal with each other’s differences. Rhonda is a fantastic facilitator and is compassionate and caring whilst also keeping everyone constantly engaged. It would have to be one of the best investments we have made for ourselves our staff and business as a whole – Sharlene Hird – Owner, Stihl Shop

Rhonda is an acute listener, she hears what is being said, she focuses on everyone so not just those who speak the most. She has a warm and caring manner which people feel. She connects well, giving time to build the relationships needed. She shares of herself appropriately to enable that connection. She spent time initially with myself as manager finding out what our needs were so that she could tailor the sessions to meet our specific needs. She treated us with respect and dignity, and we felt we were really valued by Rhonda as people and for the mahi that we do. She was culturally respectful and we all appreciated her joining in with our cultural practices such as starting with karakia.  She is very knowledgeable and is well researched. She connects new ideas with other topics so one area flows to another and refers back again to previous concepts as new information is added – Libby Jones – Manager, Jigsaw North Manaaki  Whānau Services

After ACL, then what?

But wait! There's more (love saying that!)

If you're intrigued by what you experience in the ACL workshop, you'll have an opportunity to dive deeper into this work in four ways:

  1. I'll design and facilitate a bespoke programme for your workplace

  2. Your team can deep dive with the Conscious Leadership Accelerator, this is a 6 -week experiential learning journey, run online.

  3. You can individually join a cohort for the next online Conscious Leadership Accelerator programme (being run next in late 2024).

  4. You can have a FREE clarity session and consider 1:1 coaching.

Don't miss this opportunity to transform your leadership influence and effectiveness!

My philosophy is deeply rooted in the belief that while we can't change the rate of change and uncertainty, we CAN become masters of ourselves and lead from the inside out.

Click here if you’re interested in having me come to your workplace - or zoom - to start the leadership transformation for your team... it's 2 hours that will unlock the true inner leader with practical tools, insight and connection.


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