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Covid19 could be an excuse or a stop sign not to learn and grow.  Or it could be EXACTLY what you need to get motivated to design and live your life deliberately. That's how it feels for me :)

We're here to help you do the designing, so that you have the resilience to navigate the waves, tides and tsumanis that we are no doubt all going to be facing over the next while in NZ. Who knows what you could be doing in 12 months time if you're deliberate about living life on purpose?

Join us in a safe, nurturing and interactive environment for two nights/two days, to bridge the gap between your IDEAL life and your REAL life, be nourished – physically, mentally and emotionally - and arm yourself with tools of resilience, mindfulness and purpose to make a life changing impact! 

You’ll leave connected and filled with purpose, with sustainable actions and life changing gems about how you think, live and look after yourself, and those you love. 

Deliberate thinking = deliberate living.

...we welcome you and your friends into our home...

Two day weekend workshops are designed to shift your thinking and your living if you feel discontent or unsettled with how things are for you right now.  A full immersion workshop for a weekend, with nourishing thinking, food and company, may be just what you need!  

If you are

  • realising the self help books have become more 'shelf help' than 'self help'.
  • living the lives others expect you to have, rather than the one you want. 
  • accepting your state of chronic stress as normal. 
  • being the worst version of yourself inside your most important relationships.  
  • exhausting yourself giving the impression of being perfect.
  • getting in your own way of progress - new year resolutions, yeah nah?
  • feeling disheartened, downtrodden and disappointed for never getting 'it' started.
  • treating yourself unkindly.
  • being unable to cope when the going gets tough.
  • and you know its damaging your performance, creativity, relationships, physical health and mental health. 

...breathe, and be kind to yourself.  You're not alone.  

Check out when we are next running our public course, and contact us if you have a group of friends who'd like to have their own private weekend retreat.

prices and other deets

a two day full immersion workshop, with 2 nights accommodation all meals is $1,250, reduced to $997 for bookings made in 2020 (COVID 19 kindness). Includes workbook, handbook and journal. 

max numbers: 8 

venue is 4 acre section, 7 bedroom house in Tamahere

women-only retreat (Men's workshop also available)

next weekend workshop

please contact us for upcoming dates


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