Coaching Agreement & T&Cs

Coaching Agreement & Terms

Between Rhonda Parry of Our Minds Matter (“OMM”), the coach, or me

And you ………………………………………………………………………………………………………..the client, or you

The Coaching Relationship

A coaching relationship can be a powerful experience involving the development of new possibilities, new levels of achievement and personal growth. Our coaching relationship is based on mutual trust and respect and it’s central focus is your well-being.

Fundamental to a successful coaching experience is learning. I will support you in reaching your desired outcome. I will support you in exploring new ways to view situations, individuals, and possibilities and in developing new approaches, plans, strategies and actions. At times, the learning may be challenging for you. There may be times when the learning involves new discoveries about the way your own actions play a part in situations you wish to change. This type of self-discovery can be uncomfortable.

I follow the International Coach Federation (ICF) Code of Ethics. I hold all coaching conversations as confidential. I will not voluntarily divulge information about our coaching relationship without your permission, with the exception of submitting basic attendance/hours information to the ICF..

We both understand our commitment and agree to be accountable in our coaching relationship.

The Coaching Arrangement

This agreement between OMM and you begins on the date of payment being received by OMM and continues for the total number of sessions purchased.

In providing the Services I may exercise discretion as to the most appropriate and effective manner of providing the coaching and of satisfying your expectations.

Our one on one sessions will be conducted either face to face at an agreed location, or via zoom or a combination thereof at pre-scheduled times, as agreed by both of us.

Sessions may be supplemented by emails as needed until the final session is complete.

This OMM coaching package is being offered to you at the cost agreed. Please note that costs may vary between clients depending on their circumstances, specific services and my wish to offer pro bono or semi-pro bono work.

Payment must be made in full prior to the first session unless otherwise agreed.

The Coaching Agreement by you, the Client

I understand, as the client, that coaching is not therapy, and in no way does it replace the diagnosis of a medical professional. I accept the Coach is not qualified to give legal or financial advice. I accept full responsibility for all actions I take as a result of this coaching process. 

I also agree to the following:

I agree to be fully present and on time for all coaching conversations

I agree to give at least 24 hours notice if I need to change or cancel a session, and understand late cancellation may result in that session being recorded as held

It is the role of the Coach to manage each session and to assist my progress towards achieving my goal

I am completely responsible for my own actions and inactions, growth and learning

My coaching relationship is a resource and that it is up to me to fully utilise this resource

I need not discuss anything I am not comfortable discussing

There may be times in the coaching process where I may confront realisations that may be uncomfortable

I agree to communicate any concerns I have about the nature of my coaching relationship, my experience of the coaching relationship or any interactions with the Coach

Our coaching interaction is fully confidential. I know the Coach may take notes and recordings to be used for future mentoring of the Coach. Any information shared for mentoring purposes will be held in complete confidence by the Coach and their mentor. 

I agree that my name and contact details will be included in the Coach’s coaching log for the purposes of meeting any credentialing requirement with the ICF.


Client Name:   _________________________     Signature:  ___________________________

Coach Name:  _________________________     Signature:  ___________________________



Pencarrow & Parry Limited, trading as Our Minds Matter, cannot be held responsible for any action taken or not taken by you the client as a result of coaching. OMM will not be liable to you in respect of any loss or damage (including consequential loss or damage) arising from the performance of the Services.

Consequential Loss:

Under no circumstances will OMM be liable to you for loss (whether direct or indirect) of profits, business or anticipated savings or for any indirect or consequential loss or expense whatsoever.


The maximum amount OMM will pay (whether in contract, tort or otherwise) in relation to claims, damages, liabilities, loses or expenses will be the amount paid under this Agreement.

Third Party:

If OMM is found liable to you and you or a third party have contributed to the loss or damage, OMM will only be liable to the proportional extent of my own contribution.

Reasonable Care:

OMM will use reasonable skill, care and diligence in providing the Services.

Force Majeure:

OMM will be relieved of it’s obligations and may terminate this Agreement on the occurrence of a Force Majeure Event. A 'Force Majeure Event' means an event outside OMM’s reasonable control which hinders the performance of it’s obligations under this Agreement.


OMM will terminate this agreement for non-payment of additional services.


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