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150pg JOURNAL with 26 'Life Hack's" For Living LIfe on Purpose

"A lot of what is inside us can seem bonkers to share aloud. 

Sometimes we need to 'just get it out' to help us make sense of ourselves - at times of change, loss, fear and uncertainty for example. 

Journaling can be a life saver!"

Becoming acquainted with your mind through journaling

It’s my life’s work and my passion to help people who are struggling with life. Maybe just living comfortably or uncomfortably numb, languishing. Knowing there’s something better out there for them, if only they knew what it was, how to get it, and what is really stopping them!

And this is where Journaling can help. There’s more to journaling than simply writing words: benefits include clearing your head, organising your thoughts, revealing blockages and self-limiting beliefs – and after all of that, helping you achieve your goals too!

Basically, journaling enables you to have a relationship with your mind. You have so much more control over your mind than you think, so it’s a great relationship to be engaged with!

Discovering 'YOU' Using Core Values

This is it - discover why you do what you do, why you might feel 'ick' even though everything on paper looks like 'life is perfect'... and how important it is you don't start sounding like an insurance company!

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5 Ways to CONNECT With Your Teenager

5 Ways to Get Your WIthdrawn Teenager to Open Up - step by step how to build connection and ensure they come out of their rooms, join you at the dinner table and start talking! Nicely. Calmly.... 

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Creating Life On Purpose Handbook

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How much RESILIENCE do you have? Take the QUIZ!

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Keen to know how MINDFUL you are? Take the Quiz!

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How Much Do You Know About Your OWN BRAIN?

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How Much Do You Know About Your OWN BRAIN - under STRESS?

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