living life on purpose, with purpose

we can help you transform from stressed, disconnected, even numb, to calm, deliberate and empowered through mindfully led and evocative coaching. we coach deliberate thinking.

what we do is evocative because it expands your mind to gain awareness on how you are perceiving and therefore experiencing your reality – that’s illuminating  the perceptions, feelings and values that sit lurking under the surface of your behaviours and choices. We assist you unravel the mystery of yourself, and help you discover your own unique-ness.  That awareness gives you control.

I'm just going to say it at the outset - coaching is a very personal, albeit incredibly powerful, journey.  It's an investment in YOU.  It takes time, money and effort.  That you've come this far needs to be acknowledged - whether you hang in this site or connect somewhere else - I congratulate you for valuing your life enough to make this investment, to make your life the one you never want to trade.  Hats off to you my friend, blessings and light to you x

is any of this familiar...

Are you:

  • realising the self help books have become more 'shelf help' than 'self help'.
  • living the lives others expect you to have, rather than the one you want. 
  • accepting your state of chronic stress as normal. 
  • being the worst version of yourself inside your most important relationships.  
  • exhausting yourself giving the impression of being perfect.
  • getting in your own way of progress - new year resolutions, yeah nah?
  • feeling disheartened, downtrodden and disappointed for never getting 'it' started.
  • treating yourself unkindly.
  • being unable to cope when the going gets tough.
  • and you know its damaging your performance, creativity, relationships, physical health and mental health. 

...breathe, and be kind to yourself.  You are not alone.  

Plus, you've done the hard bit, by taking the first step towards transformation. You've got this!

then perhaps coaching is an option for you

You will have the answers inside you (trust me!). Perhaps they cannot be revealed at the moment, blocked by self limiting beliefs, thoughts and a habit of running on autopilot. 

And that autopilot programme is just the thing - often (actually nearly 50% of our day) we are operating in default autopilot mode.  Which is a great thing on one hand - because while we're busy sorting kids, logistics, report deadlines and a social life, we've also got 600 trillion cells doing exactly what they should be, when they should be.  We are incredible, all of us.

But then's the unhelpful default mode - habits, patterns, beliefs and thoughts that fly under the radar, until, well, we wake up and just know its time for some clarity and reorganising and unleashing.  Time for some deliberate thinking.  You know you have to make something shift because there's more to your life than 'this'. You deserve more than this.

We use a coach approach to help you unravel the mystery of yourself, and help you discover your own unique-ness. We unpack, reveal and illuminate beliefs, thoughts and habitual behaviours not serving you. We'll help guide you to draw an extraordinary map of where you want to go, learn a new way to travel, bridge the gap between your real life and your ideal life and help you discover who your 'best possible self' really is.

The answers are within you!  You'll gain awareness of what a 'mindfully extraordinary life' looks and feels like for you. It starts with an inside out approach: a new appreciation of how much choice you really do have about your experiences in the world PLUS a vision of what life would look and feel like if you were deliberate about living it.  We'll guide you as you create a toolbox of strategies, and practice using those strategies so you start living life on purpose!  And we make this transformation fun, after all your journey is all part of it!  In a comfortable, safe and confidential environment.

the $ investment in yourself and your future

Regardless of the coaching package you choose, your first hour is with no obligation and FREE. In this first hour we discuss your needs, your intentions, your definition of success. You may be looking for a goal-mastering option. Or for some delicious, gentle pathways and strategies to enhance your perception and response to your life. Or wanting to crush the blockages, challenges and beliefs that have stood in your way in the past, transform and liberate yourself to be your best possible self, living the live you'd never want to trade!  So exciting! We can totally cater for this.  

The first hour is FREE because we work together to identify how far we're going to go with the 'unravelling' of layers and mystery of you to bridge the gap between your intentions and your reality.  AND it's important you feel comfortable with your coach and the investment you are making. Before you make it.

To gain momentum and lasting change, a minimum of eight sessions is required. Sessions are between 60- 90mins each, and preferably a fortnight apart.  Any shorter and you may lose the opportunity to 'practice and embed'; any longer and you may lose momentum, or life busy-ness may just get in the way!  It may be four very quick months of your life to invest in YOU!   

If, after your first free hour, you wish to continue with Our Minds Matter, you'll choose one of three coaching options, see below. What you choose will depend very much on what you are wanting to achieve, and that's what we can work out together in our freebie chat!

Between sessions you'll have full email support, weekly check-ins to keep you on track and you'll be provided with a handbook, workbook and a journal so you'll always have resources to refer back to.  Sessions can be face to face, at a venue of your choosing (including our premises) or online (zoom).

three coaching options for you

brilliant & resilient - 4 months


Designed for you, if you need to go further and faster with your goals, need some accountability and help to deflect the unhelpful (even harmful) and learn what it takes to be more resilient when it doesn't always go to plan the first time. 

Maybe you need a coach to help you prioritise what's important, get focused and more productive and not get sidetracked by the minutia of stuff that doesn't deserve you attention? 

Or perhaps you need to reset your mindset so you have less stress and more calm, balance, connection and harmony in your life?

You're READY to finally do what it takes to get/do/be what you want!

Total cost of eight sessions is $1,725 incl GST.  

Each 60-90mins session thereafter is $195 incl GST.

Executive Coaching

Includes unlimited email access, and a phone call check in between face to face sessions.  The cost of executive coaching is $2,000 +GST.

evolution - 6 months


Designed for you, if you know there is more to life than feeling the way you do, the life you deserve is 'out there somewhere' (actually, you'll learn its very much within YOU, but that's part of the journey!).  You need to reset your mindset, liberate yourself of road blocks and barriers (beliefs, thought patterns, behaviours) that are harming you, design the life you'd like to be living, unravel the mystery - that's the strengths and uniqueness - of you and be guided as you start living that life. 

Maybe you need a coach to help you do what you don't want to do so you can be who you want to be? Your best possible self.

You're READY to live with greater curiosity about what you can achieve, to 'be' even more than you anticipate right at this moment!

Total cost of 12 sessions is $2,495 incl GST.  

Each 60-90mins session thereafter is $195 incl GST.

Executive Coaching

Includes unlimited email access, and a phone call check in between face to face sessions.  The cost of executive coaching is $2,900 +GST.

liberation coaching - 9+ months


Designed for you, if you need to totally transform or up-level all dimensions of your life.  You're looking for more than a few goals or incremental change - you're seeking liberation and transformation.  

Liberation - you're wanting to reset your mindset, free yourself of road blocks and barriers, unleash your potential and get out of autopilot living into deLIBERATE living!

Transformation - you're wanting to create a new comfort zone, take risks, jump start your career, attain goals and improve relationships. Anything else? You need a coach to help you leverage your time, talent and resources to journey this transformation and make the most of every opportunity presented to you in this life. 

You're READY for the rewards that come with taking the game of life to the next level!

 Each 60-90mins session thereafter is $195 incl GST.

Executive Coaching

Includes unlimited email access, and a phone call check in between face to face sessions.  The cost of executive coaching is $845 + GST per month

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we also run Living Life On Purpose With Purpose weekend workshops

please contact us for upcoming dates.  due to covid19 we postponed our May, June & July 2020 workshops.  but we promise to get them started again soon... 


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