A meeting you actually LOOK FORWARD to!

Helping you grow as a professional woman with no pressure, no hidden agendas and no ‘performances’

The Waikato Tribe (TWT) is group coaching/workshopping for personal/professional development using science/research backed practices of mindfulness/resilience

If you've been hovering on this website for a while, there's a reason!  You know you need 'something' to help you change, but perhaps you're not quite sure what? The Waikato Tribe ("TWT") may be just what you're looking for!

My philosophical stance on life is this:  WE BELIEVE 3 things connect us all:

  1. No one is immune from adversity.
  2. No one is perfect.
  3. We all want the same things.

My 'get-real' stance is this: when ‘life happens’ we can resort to retail therapy, giving up, or a 10am martini. But shoving it down, sideways or to someone else doesn’t help.

But you can help. You can help you and you can help others. And they can help you.  TWT supports and encourages you through learning and the sharing of stories.

That’s why TWT exists: to celebrate our connectedness, imperfections, and need for belonging and validation so that we can be the calm, connected and confident versions of ourselves at home, at play and at work.   

It is like group-coaching and workshopping.

Doing this in a group cements the truth: you’re not alone!

We are all remarkable and resilient, sometimes we just don’t know how much until we share!

The Aim of The Waikato Tribe

The TWT aims to create a safe environment in which to learn how to help yourself, share the successes, failures and challenges in your work and home life and create an enviable calm, confidence and resilience in you.

​What does TRIBE stand for?

Time - we prioritise our time together

Real – we’re authentic and real in everything we do

Inquisitive – we’re curious

Bold – we ask for what we need from TWT

Empathy - we empathise with each other

*The TRIBE concept & structure was created by Hazel Harrison of Your SideKick*

How does the Tribe work?


TWT meets once a month, face to face, for 12 months. Sessions are either 60 or 90 minutes, starting 9am – you’ll be back at work in time for morning tea!  The venue is in Tamahere, 4km south of Hillcrest, although may be held in Hamilton central on certain months.


We invite a variety of members: part time, full time, new and established businesses, sole traders, corporate businesses. Our strength is through the diversity and support that all of us can offer each other. Minimum size is 6 people, maximum group size is 10.


All sessions are run to an agenda: this includes time for one member each session to bring something to the meeting.  Not a sales pitch though 😊!


12 sessions amount to a one off, upfront, investment of $360+ GST. That’s less than $30 an hour for an awful lot of deliciousness!


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