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Mindfulness is a practice, not a perfect

It's about what you pay attention to. And how you pay attention.  

Having a kind and compassionate attitude to yourself and others, with what you find - even non judging and forgiving

Being an curious observer of your thoughts, not believing everything you think!

Building your mindfulness muscle, to bring your awareness into the present ("of that we are aware we can control")

Which means we create calm, balance and focus.  We start living in the here and now, rather than chasing or avoiding joy, or dress rehearsing tragedy. We can start making enduring change.

Resilience is a journey not a destination

The more we have thrown at us, the more our resilience muscle is strengthened.

Being creative, brave and bold when under enormous stress.

Having robust and healthy coping strategies that build learned optimism

Responding - not reacting - with skill to life’s unwelcome challenges.

Bringing soft heartedness and kindness into your life, especially when you need it the most!

Which means we learn, prosper and thrive because of (not despite) change, setbacks and adversity.

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