I'm a mum of 3 daughters, a step daughter and a step son. I've been navigating the emotional waves (sometimes tsunami!) of my teenagers' Big Emotions, blending families and studying/learning/practicing/qualifying as I go!  

Parenting often comes up in coaching sessions with my clients, so much so that I've established a parenting programme called the Clarity Coaching Project for mums struggling with angry, withdrawn or anxious teenagers.  I don't want you to have to go through the decade of 'self help' and heart ache that I did before I discovered what worked.

Compassion. Non judgement. Acceptance. Forgiveness. Gratitude. 

These are the pillars of Mindfulness. The tools, practices and techniques of these pillars are what I offer in my 1 on 1 coaching programme, The Mindful Mum – Clarity Coaching Project.

It’s a specially curated programme for mums of teenagers…

Combining the science and research backed practices of mindfulness, fortnightly coaching calls, and deep learning about the specific things that are going to make the biggest impact in your connection with your kids. 

So you too, can develop that sort of connection with your child that guarantees a sense of unconditional love and connection. Calm. And confidence.

I dearly hope these resources are of use to you - and would love to have you join our Facebook group - see the link below! xx

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Mindful Mums Community

Our mission is to help stressed out and frustrated mums who are struggling with angry, withdrawn, or anxious teenagers! So their teenagers become calm, connected, and confident to thrive.

We've created a community of like-minded mums to Dare, Share, Hear & Care. So you're never alone in this parenting journey, which is the hardest job in the world right!? It may take a village to raise a child, but it also takes a village to support a mum - and THIS is THAT village.

Click the ‘Join Group’ button now, read our House Rules below carefully, and we can’t wait to support you on your parenting journey!

This space is for you if you’re a mum looking for a safe, nurturing, and life-changing community to...

  • Support, motivate and uplift you
  • Learn practical ways to change the vibe of your home
  • Learn to use the science-backed practice of mindfulness
  • Have your questions answered
  • Connect with other mums going through the same stuff
  • Celebrate our parenting-wins
  • Feel safe to share disappointments, regrettable moments
  • Create friendships
  • Access resources from Our Minds Matter
  • Make the messy emotional rollercoaster of parenting all the more rewarding and delicious!

​The truth is, IT'S HARD being a mum.

Especially when our kids shut us out, or they start to withdraw from us or the family unit. But it’s even harder if we spend our time and energy trying to change the kids when we’re in an awful space ourselves right?

I want YOU to become THE ONE your child has that safe, stable relationship with which empowers them to open up, connect and thrive!

Without it taking 15 years! And without filling your shelves with self help books…. Like I did!

In this FREE TOOLKIT you'll uncover 5 ways to create calm, confidence and connection with your withdrawn kids!

5 Ways To Get Your Withdrawn Teenager to Open Up

Inside this free toolkit you'll learn:


Why pausing and saying 'nothing' may be exactly what your child wants - and needs from you! 


How your emotional ‘state’ directly shapes your kid’s ability to listen, learn and thrive.


Why 'connection' and compassion are more important than love when it comes to your kids.


Why you must be ‘selfish’ in order to be a calm, confident, connected mum.

Navigating from Stressed Out & Resentful Mum to Calm & Connected Mum

My passion is helping women who are struggling with angry, withdrawn and anxious tweens & teens to have calm, confident and connected kids!

Using the age-old principles of mindfulness, supported by the latest science and research. What an incredible combo right?

I’m all about behavioural change and impact! Because it’s one thing to know something, it’s another thing to do something. And then it’s yet another thing to have the impact you intended, right?

My lovely, wherever you are on your parenting journey – and whatever the ‘state’ of your tweens & teens - I know that what I’m sharing is going to be a game changer for you. You'll learn how to take charge of your own state, introduce inner and outer calm, open up conversations and create connection with your kids.

You may well ask: how can I be so sure of this? That’s easy! Because that’s exactly what taking charge of my own state through mindfulness has done for me, and my kids!

I’ve been the guilty stressed-out wreck-of-a-mum, who was trying to hold down a full-time job. I've navigated a journey of being burnt-out, resentful and overambitious mum (I even tried to 'spreadsheet my kids at one stage!). Who was also dealing with attention-seeking and behavioural issues in my kids.

Since practising mindfulness, my kids are initiating hugs with me, my kids are openly talking about difficult subjects (or even just their daily life!!), my kids are wanting to spend time with me. And instead of slamming doors, meltdowns and screaming matches, there is calm, compassion and caring (not 24/7, but I'm not aiming for 'perfect'!).

It’s no coincidence. As soon as I accepted something had to change, and it was me, well everything changed!

Now I help other struggling mums so they can have this transformative experience too. If you’re ready to make a change, without losing your hair, your sanity, your husband or asking the teenagers to leave home, you’re in the right place!

Don't know where to start?

It starts with a conversation - even just 15mins!  

If you'd like to have a conversation and take away the ONE THING you can use right away to help you, then just book a time in my diary for a Parenting Breakthrough Call.

It's FREE! 

5 Ways to Get Withdrawn Teenagers to Open Up

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5 Ways to Get Your Angry Teenager to Calm Down

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5 Ways to Turn Your Teenagers Anxiety into Confidence

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